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Home Control Made Easy


Home control is much more than a universal remote or smart lighting. Home control is technology that links and controls the electronic systems in your home through one easy-to-use interface.


We can install full-featured, practical, and reliable home-automation systems that are easy to use and at a price that fits into your budget. Our scalable designs mean it's not an all-or-nothing choice—you can start with a basic system and upgrade over time with solutions to fit your evolving lifestyle.


Imagine Having a Single Remote That Will:

 - Control your home theater

 - Dim the lights as the opening credits roll

 - Turn off all your TVs when your kids should be doing homework

 - Alert you that the garage door is open...and then close it

 - Manage your lights, window coverings, and thermostats

 - Monitor your locks, lighting, and security cameras

 - Allow you to play music in any room of the house

 - Control your entire system from anywhere with your computer